iDraft CL1
iDraft CL1 is an intuitive and user-friendly program specifically designed to produce Claim1 and Claim1A forms.

Features include:
  • Live preview allows checking of your Schedule of Time and Additional Information before exporting
  • Convert from Claim1 to Bill and from Bill to Claim1 (iDraft Pro Required)
  • Customisable replacements function allows simple inputs to be converted automatically to any length of text, saving valuable time on typing standard phrases
  • Avoid unchargeable work in amending, checking and manipulating forms prepared with Excel or other templates
  • Technical support by telephone, email and Windows Live Messenger
  • Free, no obligation, 30 day trial with free technical support
Plus many more, including:
  • Character counter text boxes ensure optimum use of allocated space
  • Export to Microsoft Word. Over-run sheets are automatically generated
  • In-line spell checking highlights errors as you type
  • All totals automatically calculated
  • Regularly used rates can be saved for easy access on future forms
  • Dated items automatically chronologically ordered
  • Auto-backup system creates copies of your form every 10 minutes
  • Stopwatch timer allows tracking of time spent working on a form
  • Unique, exceptionally easy-to-use, intuitive interface
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