Don't just take our word for it. Below are some examples of feedback we've received from our expanding client base.

iDraft Pro is the first truly bespoke costs drafting package providing a clear and detailed user guide coupled with excellent product support.

Its flexibility and user-friendliness allows for the quick preparation of bills of costs without sacrificing accuracy. iDraft Pro is undoubtedly the best bill preparation software on the market today and doesn’t break the bank to boot!
Jamie Robinson
Senior Costs Draftsman. Fisher Meredith LLP
Not being a computer "whizz kid" and finally coming to grips with a previous software package on the market, I was concerned about changing. However, following the free month’s trial provided by iDraft, I am converted.

The software is not only less expensive than other software on the market, but easy to use and navigate, has great time-saving abilities (which allows me to prepare at least one further bill of costs a week), and manages to cope with the most complicated bill formats. Rate changes and separate Parts are all easy to amend if need be and chronological order is automatic (unlike the software I had used previously). iDraft Pro also provides an excellent final product, whether it be a Statement, Bill of Costs, N252 or Claim 1.
Serena Ely
I am the in-house solicitor for a local plant/car/hire group of companies. I recently obtained an order for a detailed assessment on an indemnity basis for my profit costs of around £50,000.

I used iDraft Pro within the 30 day free trial and to my delight found that within about 2 hours I was conversant with the software and capable of preparing the draft bill. It took me three full days to do so with the time spent in ensuring I included every item of costs. There are no bill draftsman charges and I should be able to recover about 30 hours of my time in preparation.

This was the first time I have ever tried my hand at preparing a bill for detailed assessment. The result was terrific. iDraft Pro allows for easy corrections and changes without having to prepare the entire bill again.

Without iDraft Pro, looking back, I would not have stood a chance.
Bryan Slater
In-house Solicitor, DPH Plant Hire Ltd
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