iDraft Pro Version History
  • Amended Precedent H form.
  • Amended Precedent H form.
  • Minor bug fix to Precedent H and HB where excess Fee Earner Groups cause an error.
  • Added Precedent H and HB support.
  • Fixed blank disbursements being hidden in empty sections with Include Blank Disbursements turned on.
  • Chronology Success Fees now add to the Solicitor's Success Fee Total, rather than the Profit Costs Total.
  • Fixed glitch in Estimate Success Fee calculation where Success Fee Totals were being included in the calculations of later Parts.
  • Counsel's fees now included on List of Disbursements.
  • Front Sheet divider lines are now generated through Word rather than a string of dashes.
  • Fixed CLS Schedule and Estimate column ordering bug on 4 Column Bills.
  • Option added to highlight all Disbursements in bold.
  • Added Bill Fee option to Other Work Attendances and Disbursements, along with Bill Fee Part and Bill Summary sections.
  • Updated to handle Import and Export of October 2011 Claim1 and Claim1A templates.
  • Chronological items automatically select latest entry on new addition.
  • Counsel's Success Fee VAT now only applies if VAT is checked on the selected Counsel.
  • Success Fee VAT rate can now be overridden on individual Disbursements.
  • Replacements list can now be exported to Word.
  • N252 Dispute Date replaced by blank spaces if left empty to allow for completion by hand.
  • Tweak to Replacements editing tab order.
  • Automatic focus on Add buttons on Preferences.
  • Jump-To links now contain correct Part labels.
  • Current Part can now be changed using Ctrl+F Keys.
  • Export to Word document selection now saved into PR1 file.
  • Replacements can now be captialised by capitalising the first letter of the input text on typing.
  • Changed order of Rates Applied Calls, Letter In and Letters out to reflect their order within the Bill.
  • Main Item Header changed to multiline textbox.
  • Fixed bug where Travel and Waiting assigned to Parties not showing on Estimate.
  • Fixed bug where VAT figure changes on closing and reopening a Counsel Disbursement.
  • Fixed Part-numbering bug in Fee Earner Group Rates grid.
  • Minor fix to Individual Counsel's Success Fee Part Summary totals.
  • Updated to handle Import and Export of May 2011 Claim1 and Claim1A templates.
  • Minor bug fix in Profit Costs total due to extended Part and Bill Summaries.
  • Front sheet header now also shows on back sheet.
  • Separate By Fee Earner Group now also applies to Chronology.
  • Bill Setup screen re-ordered to allow more space for options.
  • Added Show Chronology Header option.
  • Added Extended Chronology Date Format option.
  • Added Omit Name From Bill option to Fee Earner Groups.
  • Moved estimated markers on Schedules from description column to time column.
  • Added Bulk Profit Costs to Other Work section.
  • Added Part Claimed option to Attendances and Document Items.
  • Document Item format now also applies to Attendances.
  • Added Estimated Marker option.
  • Added Show Individual Counsel Summaries option.
  • Added Windows 7 Compatibility script to installer.
  • Last part automatically selected when adding multiple parts.
  • Added Narrative Font Size preference. The font size used on the narrative input screen can now be customised.
  • N252 and N258a Reference inputs converted to Type-Ahead boxes containing Part Solicitor References.
  • Front Sheet Header option added. Custom text can now be added to the top of the Front Sheet.
  • Date fields now remember the entire last date entered for future entries.
  • Notes section added to Disbursements.
  • Option to export List of Disbursements added.
  • Include Hourly Rate Only option added to Rates Applied.
  • Additional Rates Applied Detail input added.
  • Added Use Rates From Part selector on Fee Earners and Rates screen. Rates can now be quickly loaded from existing Parts.
  • Added Load All Parties From Part selection on Parties Quick-Add menu.
  • Added Page Per Fee Earner Group on Schedules option.
  • Added Include Blank Disbursements option.
  • Added Limits section to Part Setup screen.
  • Added option to limit CLS Total and Profit Costs by Amount and Percentage.
  • Extended Part and Bill Summaries option added.
  • Fixed minor bug on Part Split menu option.
  • Fixed minor bug in time box. Error when entering 0: now fixed.
  • Online ordering added.
  • Updated to handle Import and Export of November 2009 Claim1 and Claim1A templates.
  • Removed double-space on Attendances with no Description.
  • Fixed minor bug on Splash Screen.
  • Party Names are now Multi-line.
  • Added option to sub-total by Fee Earner Group.
  • Added Jump-To links for Part Header, Additional Liabilities, Travel and Waiting and VAT.
  • Re-arranged Bill Setup screen to allow space for further options.
  • Added Rates Applied in Part Header option. Rates Applied can now be shown Part-by-Part.
  • Pressing Enter on grids now mimics double-click function.
  • Improved Grid Focus Highlight.
  • Document Item Format options added to Bill Setup.
  • Costs of Assessment text can now be overtyped.
  • Added command button to Fee Earner Groups box to allow keyboard shortcut to 'Create Fee Earners for Empty Fee Earner Groups'.
  • Amendment to Button Hover image.
  • Notes section added to all Attendances and Document Items. Notes can be included in the Bill as footnotes by checking 'Show Notes in Bill' in 'Bill Setup'
  • Added 'Preview Search' function.
  • Added 'Default to TTA' option to preferences. Party Attendances can now be automatically marked as TTA's by default.
  • Delete key can now be used to delete items from Grids.
  • Colour scheme and branding updated.
  • Added 'Auto-delete Backups' option. Files generated with the Auto-backup, unmodified within 60 days, can now be delete automatically.
  • Installer now sets the required permissions for the Users group automatically.
  • Licence Agreement updated.
  • Time Saving Guide added to Help menu.
  • Changed order of Routine Communications to Letters Out, Letters In, Telephone Calls.
  • Added Column Ordering option. Bills can now be shown in 'VAT - Disbursements - Profit Costs' or 'Profit Costs - Disbursements - VAT' formats.
  • Minor fix to Inline Enhancements.
  • Main Item work can now be shown by individual Fee Earner Group.
  • Added 'Except Counsel's Success Fee' option to the 'Separate Additional Liabilities' function, allowing Additional Liabilities to be separated as normal, but with Counsel's Success Fees still showing inline.
  • Added 'Default to CLS' Part option. When checked, any newly created Disbursements and Bulk Profit Costs will automatically be marked as CLS.
  • Added 'Estimated' option to Chronology, Party and Other Work Attendances.
  • Added 'Timed Letters Out' option. Party Attendances can now be marked as Timed Letters Out. A schedule of Timed Letters may also be produced. This replaces the necessity to use the 'Other' Attendances function of Timed Letters Out.
  • Bug fixed when clicking the Parties button from Narrative with no Fee Earner or Fee Earner Groups.
  • Added 'Organise by Communication Type' option.
  • Added Type Marker in Party Attendances List.
  • Party Attendances marked as 'Other' no longer show a Party Attendance Type Marker.
  • Part Amount and Percentage Limits are now shown in more detail. I.E. Figures before limits are applied are now shown in the description.
  • Part Amount Limits now only apply if the limit has been reached.
  • Added 'Make a Suggestion' link to Help Menu.
  • Program now opens into Full Screen.
  • Default text on Front / Back Sheet Text Items now disappears on editing.
  • Minor bug fix to Export Screen when MS Word is not installed.
  • Added Show Letters / Emails option to Bill Setup. Letters can now be shown as 'Letters' or 'Letters / Emails'
  • Added Limit Profit Costs By Amount and Limit Profit Costs By Percent options to Part Setup.
  • Added Default Fee Earner option for each Part.
  • Last year entered is now remembered within the Bill, meaning that the last year entered is remembered after closing and re-opening the Bill.
  • Shortcut to Narrative has been added the Chronology, Parties and Documents screens and vice-versa.
  • Running totals for Bill, CLS Schedule and Estimate are now shown in footer bar when previewed.
  • Total of estimated time is now shown at bottom of Documents window.
  • Minor bug fix to ordering of items on copying / moving between Parts.
  • Inter Partes and CLS work is now shown in separate Part and Bill Summaries.
  • Minor changes to how items are shown in the CLS Schedule.
  • Undated items now show a "-" instead of "01/01/1700" in grids.
  • Fixed Recoverable Costs section added.
  • Bulk Profit Costs section added to Chronology.
  • Exported documents are now prefixed with a number to assist document ordering.
  • Added Bill Notes Export function.
  • Check for Blank Time now checks for empty Fee Earner Group Hourly Rates.
  • Party Attendances and Disbursements windows now show name of selected Party.
  • Added Show Unknown Date Markers on Chronology option.
  • Fixed date-ordering of items when splitting and merging parts.
  • Added Inline Enhancements option on Main Item.
  • Added Activity Log with Export function to aid tracking of changes.
  • Added Preview Status Readout.
  • Added initial stages of iDraft VUE integration.
  • Added Fixed Fee transfer to CL1 Import.
  • Security Updates.
  • Security Updates
  • Bug fixed in "Collection Sorter" object to avoid runtime error 0 after prolonged use of the program. iDraftColSort.dll custom component now used.
  • Bug fixed on opening untitled autobackup files. Version tag was unpopulated if file was not saved before autobackup.
  • Update to File Read / Write system. On overwriting files, they are duplicated to a temporary file and deleted on completion of the saving process.
  • Changed Registry Key Root to reduce number of registry keys that require permission changes.
  • Security Updates.
  • Added Log Mode function, allowing us to narrow down the cause of future errors.
  • Update to File Read / Write system to clear files rather than deleting them, therefore saving any permissions that may have been changed.
  • Security Updates.
  • Chronology, Parties, Documents and Other Work now show warning if no Fee Earners are present, rather than just being disabled.
  • Font Selector in Preferences is now a Drop-down Box.
  • Quick-Add button on Parties now populates with Parties from other Parts as well as those defined in Preferences.
  • Enhancements By Party option added, allowing Enhancement summaries to be totalled by Party.
  • Minor bug fix to Time control.
  • N252 bill total mis-calculation fixed.
  • iDraft CL1 Import / Export functions added, allowing Bills to be converted to Claim1 and vice-versa.
  • Adjustment made to Grid component to aid viewing new items on creation.
  • VAT rate on order forms updated to 15%.
  • Security Updates.
  • Initial Public Release.
  • Initial Beta Test Version.
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